• Culture

    Guangdong’s traditional craft ivory carvings is the one of the Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage, which has been described as the world first-class collect art...more
  • Catalogs

    our company has registered brand “Jingdiao Fang” and the international brand ”Michael Sui”. We have earned great social repercussions and brand radiation by donation work "with all hoping the unification" to...more
  • Development

    "Jingdiao Fang" and "Michael Sui" aspire to a succession of the intangible cultural heritage of the spirit. Thus, our craft masters continuously improve the production process. ...more


  • ”Bone carving art exhibition“
    On May 27th, the grand Exhibition "Flying Dragon - Gloden Bone Carving Art Car" was openning at Hopson Zilongfu 300m east near the Canton tower,which is hosted by Hopson Zilongfu and SouFun, while the exhibits ...
  • ”sino-foreign cultural exchange“
    “Wonderful”and ”Amazing”were appraised said by the foreign youth. This opportunity supports the close feeling and studying Ling-nan culture, and highlights the characteristics of this sino-foreign cultural exchange...
  • Bone carving car at the shenzhen exhibition
    The twentieth China (shenzhen) gifts and household products exhibition was held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre opened. A car modelling "dragon" gold bone carving art appeared over the sports 1 exhibition hall...
  • Bone carving car "dragon"
    The bone carving masterpiece Flying Dragon was hand crafted by a team of 19 highly experienced Ivory carving masters, lead by the famous Canton Ivory carving artist Michael Sui. It took them a total of three years and six months to complete this project...